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So I got to see the Supernatural season finale the other night, and boy was it crazy. Not quite as bad a cliffhanger as I was expecting, but then, I had some pretty insane expectations going in. :P

I couldn't exactly resist speculating about future seasons though. I missed half of the current season, though I think I got the important facts at least. Anyway, now we have Dean getting Lisa and Ben's memory wiped, Sam with sudden Hell memories, and Castiel basically turning into the bad guy. And who knows where Crowley went off to. So anyway, I figure it probably boils down to

Season 7: Cas is the big bad, Dean and Sam try to stop him (with Dean trying to save Cas in the process, of course), and Sam spends the whole season having a lovely not-so-little angst-fest.

Season 8: Cas is a good guy now, but they have a whole new big bad to worry about, and now it's Cas's turn to be a total angst-bucket. :P

Anyway, gotta love all the double-triple-quadruple-I totally lost count how many crosses, though admittedly at least some of them were kind of obvious. I'll kinda miss having normal Cas next season, but at least the brothers are still together. Speaking of, I'm not a big fan of Sam's hair nowadays. It probably fits his current character better, but I still liked how he had it during the first couple seasons better.

Also watched Doctor Who of course. Crazy ending (which, come on, was pretty obvious the instant the Doctor entered the same room as that flesh stuff), and I'm looking forward to seeing the next episode. Loved Rory in this one, though I'm worried they'll find a clever-ish way to kill him off... again. Makes sense that he'd empathize the most with the flesh people though, considering he's been through practically the exact same thing.

Kinda curious to see if this will show up later in the season. I saw some speculation that the Doctor from the beginning of the season was clone!Doctor. Not sure how seriously I take that, but we'll see after next episode I suppose. It makes sense and all, but I'm not sure if that really sounds like something Moffat would do.

And the weird eye-patch lady. She actually made the trailer for next week, so I'm kinda concerned about what that means. Supposedly we learn who she is in a couple more episodes, but I'm guessing something happens next week that involves her, beyond just seeing her yet again. Maybe a certain "spoiler" set-up for the following episode?

I've been rewatching season 5 lately, and I've been picking up on a lot of new stuff this time around. In The Beast Below, they did the whole memory wipe thing, which was a pretty core mechanic to the whole episode. Well, in that one scene where Amy votes to forget, the scene runs seamlessly from pressing the button to her noticing there's a message waiting for her, which is, of course, made by her in a period of time not shown, despite being filmed as though it never happened. Sound familiar? Kind of like the editing with the Silence in episode 2? Yeah, that's what I noticed.

Kinda got me thinking about the other episodes too. I got up to Amy's Choice, where the Dream Doctor makes them choose between dream and reality, only it turns out both are dreams anyway. So I'm not entirely sure how to connect this, but I saw someone mention that dreams seem to maybe be involved somehow in the current season, and I'm seriously wondering if Amy's Choice somehow gives us a clue about that. Both dreams were completely realistic, if not a bit bizarre, and now we have Amy running around having adventures while occasionally seeing snippets of some other reality. I'd hate to see the whole season turn out to be a dream, of course, but I can't shake off the parallel between Amy's Choice and the eye-patch lady or the pregnancy thing in season 6.
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