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Okay, I've just watched part 2 of Doctor Who: End of Time (literally, I stumbled from my bed where I was watching, updated Facebook, and now I'm here), and all I can really say is... OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT!!! (Yes, I misuse the swear words I use, so shut up, lol.) I'm still not entirely sure I've caught my breath from that... experience! Not really sure if I can type up any sort of intelligent reaction, because...

OH SHIT IT WAS WILF ALL ALONG AND WHY'D HIS LAST WORDS HAVE TO BE 'I DON'T WANT TO GO' AND, AND, AND... AND WHY'D HE HAVE TO LOOK SO SAD WHEN HE REGENERATED!!! I mean, yay for him not shooting anyone after all, and yay for saving the world, but we all knew the saving-the-world bit was all a side note anyway, right? I'm still all YAY FOR WILF about it, because it so wasn't his fault. He didn't even know, WHICH JUST MADE IT EVEN WORSE! WAAHHHH!!!

I mean, seriously, the doctor finally subverts the time lords and the master is defeated (after a brief moment of heroism, though of course he'll be back... he always his), and he's actually survived! And there he is, "I'm alive! I'm still alive!" and so incredibly happy, and suddenly, 'rap, rap, rap, rap.' Seriously, the way the Doctor's look goes from pure joy to saddened dread (or something like that...) was heartbreaking, and totally gets to you like nothing else they could have done. I mean, seriously, WILF!! I remember the spoiler from way back when where someone (tennant, rtd, or someone or other) promised it wasn't who we thought, and OH SHIT THEY WERE RIGHT!

I love that Donna remembered without dying, but then she up and forgot all over again. I mean, yay for assuring us that she won't die from remembering or anything, but please tell me she'll still get to remember for real sometime. (Glad that at least Sylvia seems to have more or less accepted the Doctor in her own special way though...)

I think I've finally calmed down more or less, but wow, I'm still not sure about this going to sleep thing, especially since I have to get up in about 5 hours from now so I can go to work... I'll probably regret staying up to watch it tomorrow, but eh, right now I think it was TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Oh, I still haven't squeed about Eleven, have I? Lol, the episode totally left him in his post-regeneration craziness and crashing into earth (a lot like last time, actually, only a lot more manic somehow...). And of course, we know exactly where he's crashing. (Okay, I know because I saw a spoiler about him crashing in the yard of his next companion, but really, I can't wait!) I mean, poor guy, freaking about maybe being a girl (I think? wasn't entirely clear on what he was saying, but LOL if that's what he said), and yay for him STILL WANTING TO BE GINGER! I know, random detail, but squee! Love that he actually looked for that (and yay for him taking advantage of the fact that his hair is now barely long enough to check for himself... barely). I'm sure he'll calm down a bit once he's had a bit of time (though maybe not; I mean, just look at Ten), so who knows what he'll end up actually being like. Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing Eleven in action (though I'm still about as sad as Ten was that it won't be Ten again this year), and I really can't wait to see his new companion! I saw the trailer for the next series already, and I'm excited to see them both.

Can I just say though that I'm a little disappointed that he really did put Martha and Mickey together? Seriously, what happened to Martha's fiance? Did RTD go and forget about him, or what? Will Moffat bother to explain what's up with that, or are we left to speculate?

I loved Ten's scene with Rose though. Complete with her "weirdo" look at the end there, lol. It was so sweet and sad, and just... squee!

So yeah, the plot was as wacked out as ever (not quite as bad as the first part, but eh), but still, definitely a huge emotional sendoff for Ten. I'm calmed down for now (finally!), but wow, that episode had me so worked up, at least as much as I expected. Not sure if I was crying exactly, but I really couldn't even move for a while after it was done I was so emotionally overwhelmed. (I know, overwhelmed by a tv show...) And I should probably stop rambling now and contemplate actually sleeping so I can manage to work tomorrow...
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