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Slina's Journal

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Hello! My "Internet name" is Slina, and this is my LJ! I'll be honest and say that it don't update very often, but I still tend to be around somewhere. My journal will also have quite a variety of content since it's pretty much a semi-personal journal, icon journal, and whatever-else-I-feel-like-posting journal all wrapped up into one.

I'm technically a college graduate with a degree in music and broadcasting, but because I'm still clueless about my life and changed my direction about where I might want to go, I've gone back to school for graphic design. It's pretty fun so far, and as long as my portfolio's any good when I graduate (again), I'd currently love to make that my career.

Other than the stuff I've majored in, I have a huge love for writing, particularly if it's fiction or something that lets me get really opinionated. Some other things I like to accomplish are graphic arts, various kinds of craftiness, web design, and music composition... though that's assuming I have time for that sort of thing.